As I’ve mentioned before, Brian McLaren’s Open Letter to Worship Leaders contains an interesting idea about thelology mixing it up with the masses.

In the modern world, theology was done by scholars, and was expressed in books and lectures. In the postmodern world, many of us believe that the theologians will have to leave the library more often and mix with the rest of us. And the best of them will join hands and hearts with the poets, musicians, filmmakers, actors, architects, interior and landscape designers, dancers, sculptors, painters, novelists, photographers, web designers, and every other artistic brother and sister possible & not only to communicate a postmodern, Christian theology & but also to discern it, discover it.

What brings this to mind, of course, is the recent news that Emergent is

considering sponsoring an “Emerging Theologians” series. Details are still being discussed, but the object would to sponsor new theological thought that is outside of the academy and created by currently unpublished authors. We would love to see younger theologians submitting to this effort but are equally excited about the possibility of submissions from all ages.

Cool. Maybe it’ll be like the old Olympic rules applied to theology: professionals need not apply. Could be the best thing that ever happened to theology. Also from the recurring theme department are my thought on Emergent Society as Mover of Theology from the Cathedral to the Bazaar. Bring it on!

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