Don Miller is interviewed by that bastion of conservative evangelical publishing, The Wittenburg Door. This is not a new interview, but I just saw a pointer to it on Brian Baute’s blog (also at Church Marketing Sucks). Whether or not you’ve read Blue Like Jazz: Nonreligious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality, the interview is an interesting addition to the book, covering an extra question or two on several chapters, just where the book leaves you wanting to ask an extra question or two.

On the subject of the discussion around the links and comments, I tend to agree generally with Rick’s comment…. what is it with deciding whether Jesus is cool enough or not, and if he needs our help in the matter? If Jesus needs a makeover in order to be palatable, he isn’t a scandelon any longer. Not that we need to go making Jesus more offensive for people (that’s already been tried), but if we reinvent him to make him more appealing, we weaken his message. Catch-22. Of course, we could just trust Jesus to offend or draw people on his own….

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