This looks like a good quick history, leaves one wishing there’d been space to fill in the blanks. Quoth Tony Jones:

On the eve of the third Emergent Convention, I thought we could take a little walk back through time. Some of you will read this with winsome memories, and for others it will fill in gaps and hopefully help you understand how willy-nilly this whole Emergent thing is.

In 1997, Doug Pagitt left the employ of Wooddale Church in Minnesota and went to work for Leadership Network, a Texas-based foundation that brings together church leaders who mainly talk about building bigger churches (yes, that’s a charicature). Doug’s job was to build networks of youth pastors and young adult pastors, but being the radical subversive that he is, Doug quickly attracted some revolutionaries who thought that the whole way church is done in the U.S. needed to be overthrown.

I’m new around here, and not an official Emergent member… but reading this, I’m just very glad to have ordered Doug Pagitt’s book over the weekend… you really have to appreciate a fellow subversive. (Last night when the priest called Jesus a subversive, everyone in my pew turned and looked at me. Weird!)

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