Well, I have some money to spend in the form of Chapters gift certificates — a couple hundred dollars’ worth, so I can pick up several books, but not so many that I don’t have to be choosy. Presently I’m just finishing Don Miller’s Blue Like Jazz and have A New Kind of Christian on deck, but I need to build up a kind of a larger Emerging Church library, so I’m leaning toward books in that vein, along with postmodern introductions and some on the spiritual life. A few other unrelated titles have made the list of potential reads.

Here’s what I have so far:

  • More Ready than You Realize — Brian McLaren
  • The Revolution will Not be Televised — Joe Trippi
  • The Post Evangelical — Dave Tomlinson
  • The Church in Emerging Culture: Five Perspectives — (Various)
  • The Search to Belong: Rethinking Intimacy, Community, & Small Groups — Joseph Myers
  • Spiritual Formation Needs Community — Doug Pagitt
  • A Generous Orthodoxy — Brian McLaren
  • Ministry to Children in the 21st Century Church — Ivy Beckwith
  • Cadences of Home: Preaching Among Exiles — Walter Brueggemann
  • The Celtic Way of Evangelism — George Hunter
  • The Aqua Church Challenge — Leonard Sweet
  • A Primer of Postmodernism — Stanley Grenz
  • The Shaping of Things to Come — Michael Frost & Alan Hirsch
  • Out of the Question… Into the Mystery — Leonard Sweet
  • ESV Classit Thinline Bible — (Inspired)
  • The Divine Conspiracy — Dallas Willard
  • A is for Abductive — Leonard Sweet
  • The Church on the Other Side — Brian McLaren
  • Adventures in Missing the Point — Brian McLaren & Tony Campolo
  • The Story we Find Ourselves In — Brian McLaren
  • Cup of Coffee at the Soul Cafe — Leonard Sweet
  • Post Modern Pilgrims — Leonard Sweet
  • Renovation of the Heart — Dallas Willard
  • Reclaiming the Centre — (Various)
  • The Prophetic Imagination — Walter Brueggemann
  • The Gospel in a Pluralistic Society — Leslie Newbigin
  • The Continuing Conversion of the Church — Darrell Guder
  • Missional Church — Darrell Guder & Lois Barrett
  • Stormfront: the Good News of God — (Various)
  • The First Urban Christians: The Social World of the Apostle Paul — Wayne Meeks
  • Searching for God Knows What — Donald Miller

I’m hoping to get a cross section right off — really, I probably want to read everything by Brian McLaren and Leonard Sweet, but I need to start with a good cross-section of thought on related topics. If anyone has thoughts or reviews on these titles or recommendations for titles I should be adding to the list, please comment below or hit me offline… I’m trying to determine what’s top-of-list reading material and what’s earned people’s hard-earned greenbacks. The title must be available now, not as a prerelease. As a side-note to authors and publishers, I’m not above accepting a review copy… I will review on the blog – Email me for shipping info (how shameless was that!?).

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