Seen on Radical Congruency: What About Kids In Organic Church? Part One: Integration Is Better Than Segregation — excerpt:

My children will all tell you that this is the kind of church they love being a part of.

A few years ago while I was doing ministry in Japan I had a dream that my oldest daughter Heather (who was almost 15 years old at the time) started a church with her friends in Huntington Beach, CA where she went to school. After I returned I told her about the dream as I was saying goodnight to her to let her know she was on my mind while I was traveling.

The next day, after school she came home and said to me, “Dad, my friends want to do it.” I asked, “Do what?” She replied, “Start a church.” She told me that they were tired of the old boring type of church where they try and entertain them for a couple hours and they wanted to be a part of starting a new church. Because she had seen organic churches start a few times I told her, “Well, you know what to do, go do it and I will be available to help if you need it.” The next day she came home from school and they had planned church to start that next Thursday in her friend’s living room (in Huntington Beach), they had invited many from High School and had arranged for a friend who was a musician to lead worship. That Thursday their new church was born.

Okay, I’m blown away. How many of you had started a church by the age of 15? What to do with kids in a house church remains something I’m grappling with, especially younger kids… but this makes me think.

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