Did church twice today… still discovering, still trying to figure out where to be. In the morning we were at the ‘big church’ doing the regular charismatic service. At lunch I was considering the desire for ‘simple church,’ and in the evening I joined two couples to attend an emerging-style Anglican service, with Starbucks following. Seems we all gave it two thumbs up, for reasons of similar but slightly varying themes. We liked how the meeting lasted the amount of time it was expected to last, one hour. Without feeling “jam-packed,” the service offered all one would want. It moved at a slow pace that allowed for contemplation, offered good, simple music, and included the Eucharist. A short but well-thought-out homily that prompted further contemplation, and perhaps above all a great atmosphere… the place was dim (not really dark) with a few candles and just a hint of incense.

I ducked in just a bit late along with quite a number of other folks, and found a seat with my friends. When it came time for the gospel reading, the voice from the aisle just a few feet away sounded like an old friend from college days, and sure enough, it was. This is a guy I only see once every few years, but it made perfect sense that he would be here. We also saw a former prof and his wife, and were able to take a few minutes and remember fondly together a few stories of music/drama tour groups we’d been on with him.

Enjoyed the coffees afterward, and am struck by something that was said by one of us in the conversation, that the more of these conversations we were having together, the more he thought it sounded like we were becoming A New Kind of Christians. I pray that’s really true.

Oh, and to top it off, the reading and the subject matter was from the Sermon on the Mount. (There it is again.)

(K, you said you expected a blog post about all of this, so here you go.)

Update: Found a link — we were here.

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