Further to the idea of a discussion question for PEblogdom, here goes with Question #1. To start off, I was thinking of something that could generate some thoughtful posts, yet wouldn’t be too controversial. I recall a 15-hour road trip with a few church leaders and the questions we tossed around in order to spark discussion (we would take turns answering and once discussion slowed, the next person would answer).

I’ve also been thinking about books lately, and noticed other people are as well, though for different reasons. CT listed the top 100 books of the century and other lists aren’t hard to find. A while back, Jordan Cooper lamented what American pastors and clergy are reading.

So here’s the question: What are the three books which have most affected your life?

This is mostly an experiential question, looking for books that have changed your life most significantly — not necessarily looking for what you consider to be the best books ever written, but the ones which have most affected your life or shaped your thinking.

Ground rules: The Bible is excluded (it would skew the results); anything else goes, Christian or not, Non-fiction, Sci-fi, whatever. Keep it to three — if absolutely necessary you can name a runner-up or two, but you have to refine your list to three books. A statement for each book explaining how it affected you in order to make the cut will round out your response. We’ll leave the question open for three days. If you are subscribed to Planet Emergent, you can post to your own blog and it will appear automatically at PE. If you are not subscribed, you can email Daniel to be added, and/or provide a response using the trackback or comments attached to this post.

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