I added a new blog feature that I wanted to point out, and just thought that before doing so, I’d post a welcome to everyone taking the time to read. I appreciate your visits and your comments. Honestly, I’m a bit surprised at how many of you are stopping by each day. In Post #1 I said I didn’t know if more than three people would ever read my ramblings, and as it turns out, I have several times that reading in each of the slowest hours of the day. Visitors are from the USA, Canada, Germany, the UK, Sweden, Bahrain, Japan, Spain, Italy, Norway, Australia, the Netherlands, and many besides.

Blogging has taught me this so far, that I am not alone in the things I am thinking or the sojourn I’m on. There are many, many of us out there, connecting in this fashion through the wonder of the Internet, teaching each other and discovering the boundaries of the paths we’re on and the breadth of the ‘new things’ that God is doing in the earth. Pretty cool stuff, of which I’m fortunate and very glad to be a part.

Anyway, welcome to the blog. I’m still not happy with the look so will be moving furniture little by little for a while, but the overall look is really a secondary concern at the moment. If you’re just joining the party, the most popular blog entries to date have been [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ] and the static links and articles from the menu to the right, of course. Some others that are recent or noteworthy would include [ 6 ] and [ 7 ]. Poke around, see what’s going on, leave comments, whatever. Welcome and thanks for reading.

Well, Preamble done. The reason I started this post is to point out a new blog feature, actually a blog-within-a-blog that I’ve started. I installed a “Recent Links” plugin for WordPress a little while ago, and finally figured out how I want to use it. The plugin is patterned after Kottke.org’s “Remaindered Links” though some readers may be more familiar with Jordan Cooper‘s “contextless links”, which is a similar concept.

Personally, I have this habit of setting aside urls for further reading or which I want to point out to others — ones I haven’t time to finish reading or interacting with to make up a blog post, or which are interesting but don’t really bear a long comment at all. Often this is just a list of open windows (or tabs, since I use Firefox) that are left open and unread when it’s time to shut down the computer… things I meant to go back and read but just never got to it. Sometimes I get back to them to finish reading and sometimes I don’t… the trick is in keeping track of them. So I decided to share, and here’s what I came up with.

In the right-hand ‘menu’ there is an item now titled “Unfinished Reading” which is now the repository for these web wanderings which are of interest, items which may or may not end up as part of a blog post, but things of enough interest to bother linking. Now, since many of them will be things I haven’t finished (and sometimes not started) reading, I make no assurances of any type for what you’ll find there… but there will be some gems. If you mouse over the link for each one, you’ll get a mouseover dialogue (all the links on this site have them) which will display the date the link was added and often some further comment. The Unfinished Reading section does not have a comments feature, but does have its own RSS Feed and Archives.


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