Triaminic Cold and Allergy It’s been a rough day.

Project deadlines looming left, right, and centre in the office and most of them look like they’re in jeopardy, and we’re a man or two down at the moment with tons to do and opportunities in the wings for more… if we could get the proposals together. Arrgh. Major project is kicking off right now after a month’s weather delay, preceded by months of red-tape delays. Funds for it are supposed to arrive this week after a 6-month delay, still no sign of them. Aaack.

Car repairs, $670 that I don’t have for a new alternator, serpentine belt, and blower motor for the heater (which is not insignificant at -35°C). Urgh.

Phone call Call from the elder I am most-befriended toward today asking for a meeting concerning our recent migration from one congregation to the other; appreciated the positive tone of our letter, but apparently I need to get together with a couple of the elders and discuss; he’ll be there of course, which is good because I trust him. I decline the only available meeting time, which puts it on hold for a while due to travel schedules. In general I don’t like the tone of the whole thing, so I ask him to change hats and put on his “friend” hat, which is better, but I’m overall I’m not optimistic about the whole thing. Ugh.

4:22PM, I get a call from my wife, my 3-1/2 year old daughter has located her cold & allergy medicine and eaten 6 of them, and she’s at home with no transport because the car’s in the shop (see above). I rush home, collecting the car on the way… the poison control center and the pharmacist who lives next door both think she’ll be fine. It was about 4 hours ago now, so all looks okay though she’s a little “out of sorts” at the moment. Whew.

What will tomorrow bring?

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