A bit of surfing led me to this interview with Dave Andrews, author of Christi-Anarchy. Radical spirituality for a new millennium, which has a rather harsh-looking table of contents. Maybe it seems harsh because the book’s introduction says,

I could hardly believe my ears. …I was listening to a Christian leader justifying wholesale slaughter in the name of God!

This book explores this incredible, callous disregard for the rights of others, which is so typical of Christianity, and seeks to answer this question: Is it possible to rehabilitate Christianity as a religion, or not?

If you have ever been drawn to the person of Christ, but had real reservations about the Christianity you encountered as a religion, then I’m writing for you.

I haven’t read this yet, but the links above provide some thought-provocation already… especially given my own Appeal for a Measure of Anarchy in the Church and the fact that journeymate Robbymac refers to himself as an “Ecclesiastical Anarchist.” Just to be clear, the uses and advocacy of the word “anarchy” here may not all line up the same way…

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