Sunday afternoon musing… Planet Emergent seems to be catching on, and was a great idea on Daniel‘s part, as it’s a great way to “collect” the wider conversation going on among those who are officially Emergent (EV) (or other similar affiliations) and those who are part of the wider emerging church. I have been thinking about how the ECblogdom conversation might be “gathered” or how it could take shape corporately, and Planet Emergent seems an excellent first step.

In order to further the conversation, I have been thinking about the idea of a semi-regular question to the Planet Emergent bloggers, which would perhaps work something like this: one of us would ask a question of the blogdom by posting it to their own blog and having it appear on Planet Emergent, giving a period of time that the question would be “open” for responses — say a few days or a week to ten days (but no longer; we’d probably need a practical limit to the number of open questions), depending on the depth of the question. Everyone who wishes would respond on their own blog, having it appear automatically on the Planet. At the end of the timeframe, the person who asked the question would sum up or in some manner respond to the collection of posts. Questions could be practical, theological, philosophical, or experiential.

Thoughts, anyone? How about experimenting with a question or two (something noncontroversial) to start off and see if it flies?

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