I’ve always liked John Lennon’s Imagine, but maybe I’m not supposed to say that because the song has no Heaven, no Hell, and no religion… all stuff I believe in. Except maybe religion, depending how you use the word. It also has living for today, which is a rather temporal perspective. Still, I like the song. When you listen to this version you think maybe it always should have been a female vocal.

Anyway, if we could just do away with religiousity and all the trappings (I think that’s what Lennon really meant, and if I’m wrong I still like to think it), what he describes sounds rather utopian. So set aside verse one, put the negative definition of religion in your mind, and the song describes, well, it describes what the church ought to be. Ouch. No wonder they were more popular than Jesus. I must be a heretic to link stuff like this.

Update: I’m reflecting… and I guess you’d pretty much need the whole planet to be part of the church for this to work, so I should clarify this is not what I expect of the church… but it’s still something to strive for with those around you. Ultimately, maybe it’s Heaven. Maybe then a continuation of the song might be another one, Eternity.

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