When you complete the task of gathering the threads of how God speaks to you and weave them all together, you end up with a lifeline.

Sometimes God speaks from a burning bush… and you can understand it. Sometimes he can speak audibly and you still don’t “hear” it. Sometimes he speaks through dreams, sometimes in riddles. Often he speaks through everyday life, circumstances, events.

Seems God has been speaking to me for years about the church. About me, about my place in it all. I can be dense, but sometimes a light goes on, and I “get” something – so I start to pull at the thread. Sometimes other threads come with it, and I realize they’re connected, interwoven. It’s a fabric of what God is saying. Sometimes there are other threads, which can take years before you realize they relate together – different facets of the same message. This is the discovery I’m in the midst of right now… and it’s one that threatens to change everything. All from a few disjointed threads. Ideas, messages. Lifeline.

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