We added this sheperd and sheep to the crecheStayed home from “church” today and did it ourselves. In part this was because I didn’t want to go, and in part it was because -38°C with wind chill was not an appealing proposition when considering if we should leave the house today. So we had “Couch Church,” which my girls were excited about, and quite enjoyed. We talked about shepherds and how amazing it was that angels would appear to them (refer to my prior post below). We talked about the fourth Advent candle and what that means, about the joy in the message of the angels to the shepherds. Then we scrounged some pipe cleaners, bits of cloth, yarn, and a clothespin and made a shepherd and two sheep to remind us. As you can see, we added it to the creche (it’s the one more obviously handmade than the others). A big question in doing house church has to do with the children, so this was kind of an experiment for me as well. Early reviews are all positive — and my wife is very impressed with our craft, at the very least. When our youngest was asked where she went to church today, her eyes lit up and she pronounced, “Right Here!” slapping her hand down on the couch. Cool.

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