I have previously mentioned some thoughts on emergent as a movement, and Robbymac has posted the insightful Quest for Respectability = Routinization of Charisma? following up more on new wine.. from movement to machine on Len Hjalmarson’s blog (plus one of mine).

Discussion of this question is ongoing in a number of corners, and a meaningful update would come in the form of comments from Brian McLaren on Emergent as a Movement. I like what he has to say about essentially taking it slow and not being dubbed a “movement” before the time is right. Albert Einstein once said, “Premature responsibility breeds superficiality.” I have taken this perspective as a wise one for many years, and I believe it applies here. As McLaren suggests, if Emergent is dubbed a movement too early, it can easily lead to a dilution of purpose such that only a superficial measure of what Emergent now hopes for can actually be accomplished.

McLaren’s thoughts are posted on Will Samson’s blog, along with a followup which links further similar thoughts at Harbinger: “We’re not ready for a movement yet”.

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