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I think I was part of this movement

You know, in the past. Thankfully not anymore.

Gender Confusion & My Book Deal

Bless me reader, for I have sinned. It’s been 202 days since my last post. And what does it take to get me to stick my nose back into this conversation? Disgust, naturally, and something of a rant. A disgusted rant.

Auld Land Syne

Happy New Year, all! I might blog here in a bit more earnest this year, but mostly I’m Blogging 140 Characters at a Time on non-emerging-missional stuff. But I haven’t forgotten about it, and all o’ yinz. Oh, no… I wanted to say Happy New Year an’ all that. But who could say it better than the Red Hot Chili Pipers putting Robbie Burns’ words to music? (Sorry, you’ll have to insert your own lyrics, but you do know them, right?)

Oh yeah… and happy Eighth Day of Christmas, too. (Hint: Got Milk?)

Six Flippin’ Years???

Advent I Seems hard to believe, like it’s been forever but also like it was only a year or two ago at most. Yet six years ago today was my first post here at Subversive Influence. It’s not the six years of blogging that seems so unbelievable (particularly given my lack of consistency over the past year), but the events that precipitated it and the changes in our lives since that time. It was just over six years ago when the pastor I’d been working with for ten years on a in the church I’d been part of for sixteen showed up on my doorstep shortly after I’d gotten home from church one Sunday morning and gotten my kids some lunch. I stepped out onto my driveway to speak with him while he had his wife and kids sitting in the van, and he proceeded to blow a gasket, not only yelling at me and telling me my contributions were no longer welcome, but throwing some of my own vulnerabilities in my face and asking how I dared critique anything they were doing when they were serving? I’d say it was the beginning of the end, except the beginning had really come some years before that, creeping up on us unawares. Instead, this was the proverbial straw that did the camel in.

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